Released "Green" again.

We climbed up to the trail of patina with the equipment and set a remote control strobe for taking these pics.
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Naked Hike

Released "Naked Hike" again.

Enjoy view of Mt. Fuji in early winter from Izu.

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Released "Palette" again.

Fall has been in full swing.
Enjoy being in fall mountain with Satie's pics.
These scenes were shot on location in Lake Nozori and Okutone.

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Released "Japanesque" again.

We created this album in a studio managed by a friend photographer.
Some of the photos are taken by the friend.

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Mt. Takao

Released "Mt. Takao" again.

We encountered an accident that a hiker meets naked Satie.
Please wait for releasing the essay about a detail of an accident again.

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A hot spring hut in Kashi

Released new "A hot spring hut in Kashi" .

I have repaired the Kashi Spa album before making Sarugakyo. It took time and effort as much as newer.

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We went down to the hut at midnight and took these pictures. And we suddenly noticed, there was a clean up man was waiting for us to finish that outside the window.



I'm working steadily to retouch Saruga-kyo album. Surely the  pail cannot fly in this composition, you know . ... I put bubbles on there.



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Autumnal Mountain

Released new "Autumnal Mountain" .

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This is a shot of LCD Monitor for checking exposure when we took pictures on location.